Nitro Gravy Attractant Walleye

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Better the attractiveness of every fish bait with the irresistible odor of Eagle Claw Nitro Gravy Attractant Walleye.

Drive walleye wild with Nitro Walleye Gravy. Crave has developed a formula that combines the twin enticements of food and reproduction to provoke walleye to hammer your lure or bait rig. Nitro's secret ingredients include real food-based products and SEXattract, a proprietary formula that stimulates the sex drive of fish. Extra strong and long-lasting, Nitro Gravy formula and its blended fish-oil attractants also effectively mask human scent. It can be applied to live bait, or squeeze it on jigs, cranks, and spinners. Size: 2-oz. bottle. Available: Minnow, Crawler, Natural.

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