Fishbites Bag O'Worms Bloodworm

Salt Water Tackle Trout Bait & Salmon Bait Bass Bait

Select only high-performance saltwater fishing gear like the Fishbites Bag O'Worms Bloodworm by and feel secure that your excursion on the water is amazing.

Add Bag O'Worms to your saltwater tackle box for a go-to option that's easy to fish and exceptionally effective. Bloodworms are a time-honored bait that works for a wide variety of species including spot, croaker, sheepshead, trout, striper and both red and black drum. In addition to having it handy for days when the advantage of scent can make the difference, it's a great way to introduce young anglers that are reluctant to handle live bait. Each bag contains two bait strips. Just cut to fit your needs, and you're ready to catch fish. Sizes: 1/4", 3/8". Available: Fast-Acting, Long-Lasting.

Prices from $7.99

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