Shake 'E Jighead

Bass Jigs

The Cabela's Shake 'E Jighead are an essential ingredient in every tackle box. The one-of-a-kind and clever design will reliably bewitch the perfect fish.

This uniquely designed jighead takes your bait to the bottom where the big ones are. It allows you to thread a plastic lure onto the corkscrew and hook it through the tail. The innovative flat-bottom jighead helps the hook stand up at a 60° angle. Your hooked bait stands up straight off the bottom and is free to wiggle to entice a strike. Per 5. Colors: (008)Brown, (018)Green Pumpkin, (027)Watermelon Red, (036)Black. Sizes: 1.4 oz., 1.8 oz., 3.16 oz., 3.8 oz.

Prices from $4.49