Megastrike Evolution Heavy-Cover Jigs

Bass Jigs

The Megastrike Evolution Heavy-Cover Jig are a must have ingredient in every tackle box. The incomparable and ground-breaking design will repeatedly pull in the perfect fish.

Patent-pending flaring disc and skid plate cause the jig to roll forward in a natural stand-up position every time the jig is paused. The Advanced Skirt Forward Technology conceals jig components and makes it look more natural. It's made of tin so it's lead-free. Virtually invisible fluorocarbon Weedguard. Recessed hook eye. Per two. Sizes: 3.8 oz. 1.2 oz. 3.4 oz. Colors: (001)Rusty Craw, (002)Midnight Craw, (003)Green Pumpkin, (004)Bayou Craw, (006)Redflake Craw, (007)Halloween, (010)PB&J, (011)Black Blue

Prices from $9.99

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