Spin Shad

Bass Jigs

The Sebile Spin Shad are a must have addition to every tackle box. The unique and modern design will reliably snag the fish you desire.

The shimmering Shad Blade will have bass seeing double. Perfect balance and split ring positioning produces vibration and flash on the fall and during the retrieve. Made of bismuth alloy that's heavier than lead and molded into a baitfish-shaped body that gets deep quickly. The Shad Blade is affixed with an inline swivel so it spins effortlessly. Per each. Size: 4", 3/4 oz. Colors: (080)White Lady, (081)Deep Bronze, (082)Holo Greenie, (083)Light Violet, (084)Natural Golden Shiner, (085)Natural Shiner.

Prices from $14.99