Gary Klein K-Head Jig Head

Bass Jigs

The SPRO Gary Klein K-Head Jig Head are a crucial accessory in every tackle box. The unmatched and modern design will reliably capture the fish you seek.

This is the long-awaited hook from Gary Klein, who spent several years designing it. It is the dynamic relationship between and Gamakatsu that enabled Klein to design this jighead in reverse. Klein believes this is the perfect hook. The hook eye is recessed back into the head of the jig to make it more lifelike. This redesigned hook has greatly opened up the gap (or bite) of the hook, which means you'll set the hook on more fish than ever before. This custom-designed Gamakatsu hook is available in weights ranging from 1/8 oz to 3/8 oz. Per 3. Sizes: 1/8 oz., 3/16 oz., 1/4 oz., 5/16 oz., 3/8 oz.

Prices from $4.29