Hornet Freshwater Fishhead Spin

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The Sworming Hornet Freshwater Fishhead Spin are an important accessory in every tackle box. The incomparable and innovative design will dependably pick up the fish you seek.

The patented fishhead spin motion grabs the attention of those hard-to-catch suspended fish, and predator species foraging for baitfish. Mustad Ultrapoint hook. Stainless steel ball bearing swivel. Lifelike 3-D holographic eyes and realistic paint patterns. Use it with curly tail, fluke and spade tail type soft plastics. Per each. Sizes: 1/8 oz. 3/16 oz. 1/4 oz. 3/8 oz. 1/2 oz. Colors: (003)Baby Bass, (005)Pearl White, (006)Smokin' Shad, (100)Albino

Prices from $4.99