Blade Baits

The catch of the year will straighten your line this time! The Blakemore Rock'n-Runner Blade Baits is an unequaled fish bait which will assist you to increase your take rates whether you're a inexperienced or skillful angler.

took the original Road Runner and spiced it up with a harder rockin' action that drives fish wild. This Rock'n Runner spinnerbait delivers a slow presentation, flash and vibration for the ultimate attraction to appeal to even the most finicky of fish. Cast it near structures, retrieve it slowly and hang on. The design begins with a wobble blade/spinner blade combination. Holographic eyes give it a realistic appearance. A Sampo swivel delivers smooth performance. It's all set on a Bleeding Bait Hook that triggers feeding fish for more than just a look. Tie line on at the snap. Sizes: 1/4 oz., 3/8 oz. Colors: (001)White, (012)Chartreuse, (064)Blue/Black, (081)Chartreuse/White, (208)Firetiger.

Prices from $5.99

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