Blade Baits

Your scaly nemesis will straighten your line this time! The Reef Runner Cicada Blade Baits is an unparalleled lure which will give you the advantage to boost your strike rates whether you're a newbie or proficient fisherman.

A darting flutter action on the fall and unmatched vibration patterns when retrieved make this lure a fish-catcher. Its bug-like appearance and concave blade produce vibration patterns no other lure can duplicate to attract fish sonically and visually. Sizes: 1/16 oz., 1/8 oz., 1/4 oz., 3/8 oz., 1/2 oz. Colors: (001)Silver, (013)Silver/Hot Green, (030)Silver/Blue, (091)Silver/Chartreuse, (216)Gold, (319)Black Nickel/Chartreuse.

Prices from $2.99 to $4.49