TD Zillion Baitcasting Reel

Casting Reels

You don't need to allow an inferior reel mess up your outing. pull them in over and over with no disasters using the great quality TD Zillion Baitcasting Reel Casting Reels reel by Daiwa.

A workhorse baitcaster with a low-profile, compact frame and one of the fastest line retrieves available. Choose from an ultrafast 7.1:1 or a 6.3:1 retrieve ratio. The SHA models pull in an amazing 31.6 inches of line with every crank of the handle with winding power to spare. Both models boast six ball bearings plus a roller bearing. The exclusive swept handle is closer to the rod's center allowing for efficient retrieves with less wobble. Free-floating, perforated aluminum spool starts faster and spins longer giving you superior casting results. The locking bayonet-mount sideplate allows you to switch out spools quickly. Magforce-Z automatic anti-backlash system applies brakes to the spool as it reaches maximum speed, and is adjustable to match your fishing skills. Eight-disc wet drag with precision click adjustment. Aluminum guard plate protects finish on top of reel. Rigid aluminum frame and handle-side sideplate firmly support the drivetrain. Soft-touch grips.

Prices from $269.99