Eagle GT Casting Rods

Casting Rods

Enjoy the best time out angling with a top-rated Casting Rods rod. you won't be let down by the Fenwick Eagle GT Casting Rod!

The HMX, HMG and Eagle GT rods were developed using Fenwicks Development System. From the founding of Fenwick rod research over 50 years ago and continuing today, a database of material developments, rod concepts and experiments have been collected and stored. The Fenwick Development System allows us to search the database and create the perfect rod for any given application. Take your passion for fishing to the next level. The redesigned multitapered Eagle GT series is the answer for those looking for high-performance rods that meet the demands of every angling situation. With improved accuracy and casting distance, you'll catch fish you only dreamed of. The hard chromium-plated SS304 guides are perfect for tough braided-line applications and are up to 55% lighter and 20 times more durable than standard aluminum-oxide guides. The multilaminate graphite layup produces the ideal combination of light weight, sensitivity and strength. Time-tested Fenwick actions. Five-year limited warranty.

Prices from $59.99 to $64.99