Cumara Reaction Series Casting Rod

Casting Rods

Assure an awesome outing out angling with a high-quality Casting Rods rod. you won't regret buying the Shimano Cumara Reaction Series Casting Rod!

Specifically engineered for fishing moving baits in many different types of cover. IM-10 construction delivers unmatched sensitivity. Fuji SIC guides feed line flawlessly. Custom-performance reel seats hold your reel securely and help telegraph what's happening at the end of your line. From casting spinners or surface lures along the shore to bouncing baits along the bottom, these rods deliver maximum fish-fighting performance, superior balance and feel, and optimal comfort. Cumara rods are among the most precise and lightest weight reaction bait rods you'll find anywhere. Limited lifetime warranty.

Prices from $239.99

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