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  "A very underrated area for fishing in the area. Houses plenty of bass that have not seen lures and are easy to catch. Soft plastics are usually the..." Little Difficult Run

  "Catching Large and small mouth Bass,Northern Pike. Bluegill Sunfish and I even seen but not cought Yellow Perch Ill let you know on the next..." East Lake

  "Lots of places to put in from the bank. Use a small hook and wax worms to catch your fill of blue gill in the clearer water. Much of the lake is..." Stovers Lake

  "i was fishing at lake omiscol. i would get there at 530 right before sun rise and would throw a black buzz baits and brown and chartreuse senkos also..." Lake Omiscol

Find casting & trolling spoons and other fishing tackle and gear. We feature the finest brands in fishing like Acme, Cabela's and Luhr-Jensen among hundreds of others. You’ll find quality gear, used by real fishermen here.

Dardevle Cop-E-Cat Spoons

From $4.79 - $12.99

Luhr-Jensen Coyote Spoon

From $4.29 - $4.49

Acme Kastmaster Bucktail Spoon

From $4.99 - $6.29

Cabela's Canadian Spoons

From $3.29 - $4.29

Dardevle Genuine Spoons

From $3.49 - $11.99

Johnson Silver Minnow

From $4.29 - $4.79

Cabela's Weedless Spoons

From $3.29 - $4.49

Acme Little Cleo Spoons

From $2.99 - $6.99

Cabela's Casting Spoons - Plain

From $2.29 - $3.99

Luhr-Jensen Krocodile Spoons

From $3.49 - $6.99

Lucky Strike Half Wave Spoon

From $3.99 - $6.79

Dardevle Clicker Spoons

From $5.29 - $6.79

Tasmanian Devil Fishing Lures

From $4.79 - $5.29

The Original Doctor Spoon

From $5.29 - $9.29

Lucky Strike Canoe Wobblers

From $5.49 - $7.99

Williams Wablers Spoons

From $5.79 - $7.99

Mepps Little Wolf Spoon

From $2.79 - $19.99

Acme Sidewinder Spoon

From $2.49 - $3.29

Cabela's Diamond Spoons

From $3.29 - $3.79

Acme Kastmaster Plain Spoon

From $2.99 - $5.29

Mepps Syclops Spoon

From $2.99 - $4.49

Mepps Timber Doodle

From $4.99 - $5.29

Eppinger Red Eye Spoons

From $4.49 - $12.99

Acme Kastmaster with Tube Tail

From $6.79 - $9.99

Williams Whitefish Spoon

From $8.29 - $11.29

Luhr-Jensen Needlefish Spoons

From $2.49 - $3.99

Acme K.O. Wobbler

From $5.79

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Sterling, VA

Cedar Lake

Sterling, VA

Alder Lake

Sterling, VA

Beaverdam Run

Sterling, VA

Russell Branch

Sterling, VA

Broad Run

Sterling, VA

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