Shoehorn Spoon

Casting & Trolling Spoons

The catch of the year will love your action this time! The Luhr-Jensen Shoehorn Spoon Casting & Trolling Spoons is a one-of-a-kind fish catching tool which will aid you to increase your success rates whether you're a freshman or proficient fisher.

The hammered brass with silver plating creates a vibrant flash that sends salmon charging in. Flattened head and oblong split-ring hole provides salmon anglers with options, allowing them to work the spoon fast or slow. The lightweight spoon and sharp tapered body trolls efficiently at a variety speeds. Equipped with premium VMC black nickel treble hooks. Per each. Sizes: 4", 5". Colors: (078)Everglo Yellowtail, (457)Everglo Army Truck, (523)Everglo Puple Haze, (550)Everglo Clown, (551)Everglo Red Head, (553)Everglo Dream, (569)Lemon Trout, (571)Watermelon, (572)Poison Ivy, (573)Trout, (575)Funky Monkey, (806)Rainbow Trout.

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