Sinking Magnum #14

Crank Baits Salt Water Tackle

The record fish won't be able to evade you this time! The Rapala Sinking Magnum #14 Crank Baits is an incomparable lure which will assist you to better your take rates whether you're a basic or skilled fisher.

One of the best traditional sinking-diving baits for big fish, this wide, contoured body is made of durable African odom wood. Heavy-duty corrosion-resistant hooks. Length: 5-1/2". Weight: 1-1/4 oz. Colors: (001)Silver, (005)Gold/Fluorescent Red, (011)Red Head, (021)Fire Tiger, (281)Silver Mackerel, (692)Dorado, (724)Mullet, (816)Green Mackerel, (893)Purple Mackerel, (899)Sardine.

Prices from $10.99

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