Pro Model Crankbaits

Crank Baits

The big one will grab your hook this time! The Strike King Pro Model Crankbait Crank Baits is a unique fish bait which will help you better your catch rates whether you're a newbie or skilled angler.

These small- and medium-sized crankbaits are designed to enhance castability and to reach their desired depths quickly. Per each. Sizes: Series 1XS: 1/4-oz., dives 1-2 ft. (2") Series 1: 1/4-oz., dives 2-5 ft. (2") Series 3: 1/4-oz., dives to 8 ft. (2") Series 4S: 3/8-oz., dives 2-4 ft. (2-1/2") Series 4: 3/8-oz., dives 6-9 ft. (2-1/2") Series 5: 1/2-oz., dives 10-12 ft. (2-3/4") Series 6: 3/4-oz., dives to 16 ft. (3") Series 6XD: 1-oz., dives to 18 ft. (3") Colors: (021)Firetiger, (061)Tennessee Shad, (131)Chartreuse/White, (165)Gizzard Shad, (215)Black Back/Chartreuse, (526)Sexy Sunfish, (538)Chartreuse Sexy Shad, (562)Chartreuse Belly Craw, (564)Orange Belly Craw, (568)Green Gizzard Shad, (575)Bull Bream, (583)Blue Gizzard Shad, (584)Oyster, (590)Sexy Shad, (600)Sexy Lavendar Shad.

Prices from $4.99 to $5.29