Herring Dodgers

Dodgers & Flashers

The monster fish won't be able to resist this time! The Luhr-Jensen Herring Dodger Dodgers & Flashers is a unique fish catching tool which will help you better your strike rates whether you're a freshman or good angler.

When fish feed, the movement of their silver bodies alerts other fish to quickly investigate the possiblity of a shared feeding opportunity. This is what dodgers are designed to simulate. They impart additional action on spoons, plugs, flies and bait trailing behind them. This trolling attractor's welded rings and premium-plated finish stand up to seasons of fish catching. Prism-Lite models have two-sided finishes. Sizes: 4-1/2", 5", 8", 9". Colors: (013)Chrome, (020)Pearl, (215)Chrome/Silver Disco, (259)Chrome/Silver Prism-Lite, (301)Brass/Chrome.

Prices from $7.29 to $10.49

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