Rechargeable Fillet Knife

Fillet Knives

High quality fishing tools are critical for any fisherman. Fish with confidence with the Rapala Rechargeable Fillet Knife.

Clean your catch miles away from the nearest electrical outlet. When fully charged, each of the two battery packs will deliver up to 30 minutes of operation (60 minutes total) from the powerful motor. Two hand-ground stainless, serrated blade sets (6" and 7-1/2") are included with the unit for precision cuts on a variety of game fish. These easy-to-use knives have a co-molded relaxed grip body to reduce hand and wrist fatigue and advanced air-flow vents for long cutting tasks. The strong motor powers the reciprocating blades through muscle and bone efficiently with little noise or vibration. The charging base brings the battery packs up to full power in about three hours and 45 minutes. The entire set packs neatly in a hard-sided carry case for years of service. Each comes in a compact travel case for organized carry.

Prices from $99.99

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