EBullet Weights

Fishing Weights

Excellent terminal tackle can be the key to a pleasing fishing outing. pull in a lunker with the Excalibur EBullet Weight!

Now you can get environmentally safe weights that actually outperform lead. Tungsten Nickel alloy is even denser than lead, permitting the new ETg bullet weights to be up to 25% smaller. This means less surface area to get snagged when working unfriendly cover and less chance of spooking lockjawed fish with an unnatural looking hunk of metal. The alloy is also much harder than lead or steel, making these new weights less susceptible to deformation and grooves that can cut through monofilament and braids quicker than a pair of needlenose pliers. The internal sleeve reduces friction between the line and your weight, giving your bait better action. And, it creates twice the sound of other bullet weights for more vibration to induce reaction strikes when the fish are tight lipped.

Prices from $5.49 to $7.49