PAC 800

Float Tubes & Pontoons

Whether you might be a freshman or expert fly angler, you won't regret the decision to make the Outcast PAC 800 a component of your standard fly angling equipment.

Serious fishermen know getting access to the best spots on rivers and lakes is key. You can row, fin kick or put a motor on this 8-ft. PAC 800 pontoon boat. Then float it for the kind of fly-fishing adventures you've been dreaming about. It's the lightest pontoon boat in the Ferrari Series, so it easy to launch and maneuver. The pontoon shell is made of puncture- and tear-resistant, heavy-duty 1,100-denier polyester, PVC-coated material that covers the AIREcell tubes. The AIREcell tube system is made of durable 14-mil. clear urethane that's thermo-welded for a super-tight hold and years of service. Full-length, double zippers make removal and replacement of AIREcell tubes a breeze. The watertight zippers are rated 10 times stronger than the regular recommended inflation pressure. Each AIREcell raft undergoes a 72-hour "no-air-loss" factory test for guaranteed performance. The four-piece aluminum frame is sturdy and strong enough to handle nearly any fishing adventure. Two top-of-the-line, one-way Leafield valves prevent debris incursion and accidental deflation. This pontoon boat has cargo room for gear and bags. Includes two 7-ft., two-piece oars. Motor mount and anchor system (anchor and rope sold separately) included. Features the best 10-year warranty in the industry, covering all the repairs, labor and materials. Inflated size: 54" x 8 ft. Tube diameter 16". Weight: 62 lbs. Capacity: 300 lbs. Color: Green.

Prices from $1,250.00

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