Nail Knotter Tying Tool

Fly Fishing Accessories

Regardless of if you are a beginner or experienced fly fisherman, you will want to make the Nail Knotter Tying Tool part of your stock fly angling gear.

Tie nail knots using this compact tool. It attaches to a zinger or can be worn on a lanyard for quick access. Instructions included. 3-1/2" long. Nail Knot tying Instructions: 1. Lay 6" - 8" of leader in groove of tip and hold in place with thumb. 2. Pull line into notch at tip and backwrap the line towards the thumb. You can also hold the knot in place with your forefinger. 3. While holding the wraps in place with forefinger, slip the tag end of the fly line into the groove, passing under the wraps and out the tip. 4. Slide wraps gently off tool and onto fly line. 5. Snug knot on tip of fly line by gently pulling on each end of the leader.

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