24-Piece Eastern Fly Assortment

Fly Fishing Flies

Regardless of if you call yourself a newbie or expert fly angler, you will want to make the Cabela's 24-Piece Eastern Fly Assortment part of your every day fly fishing gear.

Our 24-piece Eastern Fly Assortment gives you some popular patterns for eastern waters. It includes two each of the following: Gold Bead Black Woolly Bugger (Size 8) Sulphur Dun (16) Copper John (copper) (14) Blue Wing Olive (18) Light Cahill (14) Mercer's Poxyback (16) March Brown Dun (14) (14) Gold Bead Hare's Ear (12) Gold Bead (16) Beck's Blue Quill Spinner (18) Dark Hendrickson Dun (14). Available: Assortment only, Assortment with medium foam fly box.

Prices from $26.99 to $31.99

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