Fly Tying

Whether you call yourself a novice or adept fly fisherman, you should make the Metz Micro-Packs a component of your regular fly gear.

Eliminate the need for measuring or guessing when you're wrapping hackle on dry flies. These premium hackle feathers from Metz are hand-selected and pre-sized for your convenience. Each package has enough material to tie approximately 100 flies. Available in sizes and colors to tie everything from big attractor patterns to tiny mayflies and midges. Sizes: 12, 14, 16, 18. Colors: (165)Grizzly, (008)Brown, (220)Dun, (003)Black, (023)Ginger, (073)Cream, (088) Sample Pack includes: Grizzly, Brown, and Dun. Sizes will vary.

Prices from $16.85

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