Jet Diver

Hard Bait Divers

The behemoth will straighten your line this time! The Luhr-Jensen Jet Diver Hard Bait Divers is an unparalleled fish catching tool which will help you better your grab rates whether you're a novice or expert fisher.

When trolled, the Jet Diver dives deep to get your bait down into the strike zone. Per each. Sizes: No. 10 dives 10 ft. No. 20 dives 20 ft. No. 30 dives 30 ft. No. 40 dives 40 ft. No. 50 dives 50 ft. Colors: (001)Silver, (027)Pink, (084)Black, (092)Chartreuse Crystal, (107)Green Crystal, (116)Clear, (155)Metallic Red, (182)Watermelon, (395)Metallic Pink, (399)Metallic Blue, (723)Metallic Green, (812)Batman.

Prices from $6.99 to $9.99