Gulp! Earthworms, Maggots, Corn and Waxies

Ice Fishing Tackle Trout Bait & Salmon Bait

You won't even notice the arctic weather when you're using the Berkley Gulp! Earthworms, Maggots, Corn and Waxies – it makes ice fishing pleasureable and unproblematic!

Power Naturals have the look and feel of natural bait, from corn and maggots to earthworms. Gulp! not only looks like natural bait, but it outperforms it. In experiments conducted by researchers, this flavor-packed, strong-smelling stuff outfished all live bait tried. Each comes in a .90-oz. jar. Available: (221)Corn (per 75) Maggots (per 75). Colors: (611)Natural Maggot, (612)Pink Maggot, (613)Chartreuse Maggot Earthworms (per 15). Colors: (001)Natural Earthworm, (002)Red Wiggler, (003)Black Earthworm Waxies (per 60). Colors: (616)Pink Waxie, (615)Natural Waxie, (614)Chartreuse Waxie

Prices from $3.99 to $4.29