Screw-Ball Floater Jig Heads

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The Northland Screw-Ball Floater Jig Head are an essential addition to every tackle box. The incomparable and ground-breaking design will dependably charm the perfect fish.

Developed for professional walleye anglers, this floating jighead reduces the risk of getting hung up when you're fishing live bait over weeds, moss or rocks. It is molded with a three-segment foam grub body. The Lip-Stick short-shank, wide-gap hook is tailor-made for rigging minnows, worms and leeches. Per 10. Colors: (022)Firetiger, (083)Crawdad, (101)Parakeet, (108)Sunrise, (135)Moonlight, (136)Shrimp.

Prices from $5.29