Slab Daddy Jig

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The Blakemore Slab Daddy Jig are a crucial addition to every tackle box. The unmatched and smart design will repeatedly pick up your target fish.

Designed by "Mr. Crappie" Wally Marshall. Handcrafted with thick bodies for a slow descent. Great for a any jigging application. Per 4. Sizes: 1/32 oz., 1/16 oz., 1/8 oz. Colors: (701)Snow Ball, (702)Blue Shiner, (711)Parrot Head, (712)Cheez Cake, (721)Black Eye, (730)Classic, (731)Sexy Shiner, (732)Stompknocker, (733)White Perch, (734)Mr. Auto, (741)Sac-A-Laitu, (742)Big Cheater, (743)Fake Bait, (751)Pank, (752)Pink Diamond, (753)Dizzy Lizzy.

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