Salt Striker Baitfeeder Spinning Reels

Salt Water Reels

Get only high-quality saltwater fishing equipment like the Salt Striker Baitfeeder Spinning Reel by Cabela's and guarantee your vacation out fishing will be awesome.

Get natural swimming motions from your bait and know right when a fish is on the line with the Salt Striker Baitfeeder Reel. The baitfeeding system lets you set a really light drag so you know when a fish takes the bait. Then flip the lever and set the hook! The baitfeeder feature works in conjunction with the quick-set instant anti-reverse so you never lose a fish. A nine-ball-bearing drive provides an unbeatably smooth retrieve. Lightweight graphite body and sideplate. Anodized-aluminum spool with holes minimizes weight and dissipates heat.

Prices from $59.99 to $69.99

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