Tanacom Bull Power Assist Reel

Salt Water Reels

Choose only top-notch saltwater equipment like the Tanacom Bull Power Assist Reel by Daiwa and make sure your vacation at the honey hole will be lots of fun.

Daiwa's new Power Assist Reels allow you to fish saltwater in ways you never dreamed possible. Just imagine dropping 300, 700, even 1,500 feet or more for big fish you'd otherwise miss. These are sleek designs, not the hulking winches of the commerical angler or sprouting contraption-like add-ons. They were designed from the ground up for their specific function. All to make your fishing easier and a lot more fun. All of these Daiwa Power Assist Reels include Power Lever for instant control of winding speed; digital displays to tell you line depth and retrieve distances; a programmable Auto Stop feature that stops winding when your lure hits the surface; washable design with sealed electronics; manual winding option. The Tanacom Bull is the ultimate kite and deep-drop reel. It winds in fast and stops automatically to save you time. Packs power and capacity for deep drops. Comes with power cord and alligator clips for use with a 12-volt battery. Programmable jigging function. Holds up to 1,100 yards of 60-lb. braided line. Power lever. Brass and aluminum-bronze gearing.

Prices from $899.99