Gulp! Saltwater Pogy

Salt Water Tackle Unrigged Plastic Swim Baits Unrigged Plastic Swim Baits

Get only top-notch saltwater equipment like the Gulp! Saltwater Pogy by Berkley and be assured that your afternoon outdoors will be awesome.

When you want to draw vicious reactive strikes from trout, bass and a variety of saltwater species, hook on one of these new baits and get ready for the fun. Its secret lies in its vibrating tail action that transmits bite-enticing signals through the water. Molded using a 100% all-natural compound, these baits release 400 times more scent than standard scented plastic baits. Fish can detect scent from Gulp! baits from distances that even live bait can't match. And since they look and move like the real thing, fish simply can't resist them. Sizes: 3" - Per 8. 4" - Per 4. Colors: (001)Cigar Minnow, (002)Herring, (003)Mackerel, (004)Sardine, (005)Anchovy, (006)Pearl White, (007)Smelt, (033)New Penny, (035)Salt & Pepper Glow, (036)Silver Mud.

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