PowerBait Saltwater Ballyhoo

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Buy only high-performance saltwater gear like the PowerBait Saltwater Ballyhoo by Berkley and make sure your day at the honey hole will be amazing.

Designed by professional anglers for dredges and daisy chains, the Ballyhoo has a paddle tail to produce vibrating lifelike action in the water. Four rigging hooks near the eyes allow for circle-hook applications, while an internal leader hole runs the length of the body for J-hook rigging. Three rigging slits in the belly also allow for J-hook placement. Prerigged with 7 ft. of 100-lb. Berkley Trilene Big Game Leader and two 7-strand copper sleeves. Premium super-sharp saltwater hook. Sizes: 8"- per 4. 10"- per 3. Colors: (090)Blue Holographic, (091)Blue White, (092)Lime Chartreuse, (093)Pink White.

Prices from $14.99

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