PowerBait Swim Bait

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The lunker will practically jump into your boat this time! The Berkley PowerBait Swim Bait Rigged Plastic Swim Baits is an unmatched fish bait which will help you boost your take rates whether you're a novice or skillful angler.

Berkley took its proven fish-catching PowerBait formula and added extra scent for even more effectiveness. The new, patented Bio-Salt ingredient simulates the salt content of live prey fish to entice the most finicky fish. It's been proven in field tests to be far more effective than the regular table salt found in some other soft baits. The vibrating tail of the swim bait simulates live baitfish. Size: 3" (Per 6). Colors: (998)Silver Shad, (007)Chartreuse/Silver Flake, (014)Pearl Red Eye, (017)Perch, (021)Firetiger, (556)Bunker.

Prices from $4.49