AquaGlow 3" Hoochie Koochie Swimbait

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Buy only top-notch saltwater fishing equipment like the AquaGlow 3" Hoochie Koochie Swimbait by Cabela's and make sure your vacation on the water will build great memories.

Species such as smallmouth bass, walleye and white bass go nuts for the 3" Hoochie Koochie. This swimbait features a paddle tail that kicks back and forth aggressively providing a lifelike swimming action. Great for jigging, drifting, etc. And because it's an AquaGlow bait, it produces a fish-attracting glow that's ideal for low light or murky water conditions. Per 10. Size: 3". Colors: (004)Yellow, (007)White, (010)Shad, (011) Smoke Metal Flake, (021)Firetiger, (096)Chartreuse Metal Flake, (410) Pumpkin Pepper.

Prices from $2.99

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