Salt Striker Hoochie Koochie with AquaGlow

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No fish will be able to turn down the allure of the very live-looking Cabela's Salt Striker Hoochie Koochie with AquaGlow. These soft baits will deceive even the most sly fish!

This must-have for your tackle box now comes in saltwater colors. Incredible swimming action when fished as a jerk bait using a rapid retrieve or at a slow-steady pace retrieve. Per 10. Sizes: 4-1/2", 5-1/2". Colors: (116)Chartreuse/Metal Flake, (117)Hot Pink, (118)Albino Shad, (122)Electric Chicken, (123)Chartreuse/Gold GF, (124)Strawberry/Chartreuse, (125)Aqua Flake/Orange.

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