HardNose Swim Shad

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The best fish will just beg you to catch it this time! The Mann's HardNose Swim Shad Rigged Plastic Swim Baits is an incomparable fish catching tool which will aid you to improve your capture rates whether you're a inexperienced or skillful fisher.

It's got the tail-thumping, natural swimming action and body shimmer that will help you put more and bigger fish in the boat and best of all, you'll be able to catch more fish per bait, thanks to the one-of-a-kind HardNose feature. Hook slot for easy rigging. Hollow spine from head to tail for tantalizing action. Includes 7/0 Lazer Sharp Platinum Black, 3/16-oz. weighted hook. Per 4. Size: 5-1/2". Colors: (001)Shad, (002)Blue Back Herring, (003)Chartreuse Shad, (004)Silver Shad.

Prices from $5.99