Bull Dawg

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The catch of the season will fall for you this time! The Musky Innovations Bull Dawg Rigged Plastic Swim Baits is an unequaled fish bait which will help you boost your catch rates whether you're a inexperienced or expert fisher.

The Bull Dawg is a 100% soft-plastic lure with a balanced jig head that makes it swim down at a 45° angle on the fall and horizontally on the retrieve. Use it as a crankbait, a jerkbait or a jig. The curly tail rocks the bait back and forth on the retrieve creating a motion that drives the big ones mad. This is a highly versatile bait that you'll need in your arsenal this year. Per each. Sizes: 9", 12". Colors: (014)Black/Orange, (004)Walleye, (010)Perch, (002)Cisco.

Prices from $16.99 to $18.99

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