Eclipse Hoop Net and Rigging Kit

Salt Water Tackle Crabbing, & Crab Traps

Opt for only good quality saltwater angling gear like the Eclipse Hoop Net and Rigging Kit by Promar and feel secure that your adventure at the honey hole will be awesome.

Professional-grade durability and reliability in the field for results you can bank on. Available: The collapsible Eclipse Hoop Net features three concentric rings and an innovative design. It has a 20" top ring, 10" ring at the center and a 36" ring at the base. It is extremely effective at preventing the escape of your catch thanks to the patented Promar Bait pouch in the center. This reverse hoop net stands on four solid-steel rods that easily detach to collapse the hoop rings for convenient storage. The Eclipse Rigging Kit is intended for use with the Eclipse Hoop Net. Includes harness, bridle float, a 100-ft. braided poly rope and a commercial-sized top float.

Prices from $19.99 to $39.99

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