Protoco Crab Traps

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Reliable gear is necessary for any fisherman. Fish with self-confidence with the Protoco Crab Trap.

Commercial crabbers and weekend crabbers alike have depended on quality-constructed Protoco traps for the past decade. These traps are made with vinyl-coated steel frames and stainless steel webbing, ensuring years of trouble-free use. Each includes a free vinyl-coated bait box. Both the Ultra Lite 3-Tunnel Crab Pot and the Medium 2-Tunnel Crab Pot have hinged lids to make it easy to remove crabs. Available: Medium 2-Tunnel Crab Pot 10"H x 24"W, 20 lbs. Ultra Lite 3-Tunnel Crab Pot 10"H x 30"W, 19 lbs.

Prices from $134.99 to $154.99

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