Live Kickin' Minnow

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The big one will fall for you this time! The Storm Live Kickin' Minnow Rigged Plastic Swim Baits is an incomparable fish catching tool which will assist you to increase your capture rates whether you're a freshman or good fisher.

Fool the fish with this ultra-lifelike swimbait that features a natural profile and realistic action thanks to multi-segmented body and holographic insert. Soft PVC material encourages fish to hold on, yet retains its shape and durability with a reinforcing mesh and hard inner core. 3D holographic eye provokes violent strikes. Black nickel VMC hook is sticky sharp right out of the package. Per each. Sizes: 4 , 6 . Colors: (001) Black Silver Minnow, (002) Olive Minnow, (003) Blue Steel Minnow, (004) Chub, (005) Pearl, (676) Rainbow Trout.

Prices from $4.99