Swim'n Eel

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The catch of your life won't get away this time! The Storm Swim'n Eel Rigged Plastic Swim Baits is an unparalleled fish bait which will assist you to increase your catch rates whether you're a novice or skilled fisherman.

Predatory saltwater fish crave eels. The Swim'n Eel is built to satisfy their urges. Its large swimming/diving lip is weighted for increased casting distance or deep slow-trolling runs. A wide wobble thrashes the tail for a realistic swimming action. The two needle-sharp hooks are joined with a strong wire-through connection. Per 2. Sizes: 7" Body, 10-1/2" Overall, 2-1/4 oz. 10" Body, 13-1/2" Overall, 4-1/2 oz. Colors: (001)Black, (002)Natural, (003)Red.

Prices from $9.99 to $12.99

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