WildEye Live Stocker Trout

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Your scaly nemesis won't be able to evade you this time! The Storm WildEye Live Stocker Trout Rigged Plastic Swim Baits is an incomparable lure which will aid you to increase your hook-up rates whether you're a novice or skillful fisherman.

Entice large predator fish with this convincing trout imitation. A secure I-bolt system of holographic WildEyes gives these baits that little extra that's often needed when fish aren't buying what you're selling. Add in natural color patterns, holographic Swimmin' Flash Foil and a realistic swimming action and you have a bait that will draw strikes under any fishing conditions. Rigged with a strong, soft body and an internal lead head; and equipped with a superior VMC needlepoint and a treble belly hook. Per each. Sizes: 5", 1/2 oz. 6", 5/8 oz.

Prices from $5.99