Timber Lure Needlefish Popper

Salt Water Tackle

Select only great quality saltwater fishing gear like the Timber Lure Needlefish Popper by Tsunami and guarantee your expedition outdoors is lots of fun.

Designed to mimic the favorite meal of striped bass, sand eels and the American eel. This handcrafted wooden lure is engineered specifically for long, stable casts. Outfitted with VMC 4X perma steel hooks. Stainless steel components. Durable triple-epoxy finish stands up to repeated strikes. Per each. Sizes: 7-1.2", 1-3.4 oz. 9", 3-1.4 oz. Colors: (001)Black/Silver, (002)Black/Purple, (003)White/Olive Back, (004)White, (005)White/Blue

Prices from $14.99

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