PowerBait Chigger Craw

Soft Bait Craws

No fish will be able to spurn the attraction of the extremely life like Berkley PowerBait Chigger Craw. These soft baits will trick even the cleverest fish!

With Berkley PowerBait, fish hold on longer, giving you time to set the hook. This versatile new craw can fished on a Texas rig, rig or weightless. Debuted at the 2007 Classic, this bait features ribs and reversed legs to give a more natural look of a craw, and also add a little more motion and water movement. "Buzz" it fast and watch it swim wildly back and forth, or fish it slow for bass-enticing action. Per 7. Size: 4". Colors: (008)Watermelon, (013)Black Red Fleck, (134)Sapphire Blue, (135)Pumpkinseed/Green Fleck, (136)Cinnamon/Purple Fleck, (137)Black Blue Fleck, (142)Green Pumpkin, (351)Watermelon Candy.

Prices from $3.99

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