AquaGlow Crawdad 10pk.

Soft Bait Craws

No fish will have a chance to defy the temptation of the exceedingly live bait-imitating Cabela's AquaGlow Crawdad 10pk.. These soft baits will trick even the most cunning fish!

Lifelike Crawdad can be pitched into heavy cover or worked over rock beds. AquaGlow baits produce a fish-alluring glow to stimulate strikes in low light and stained water conditions. Each is salt impregnated, triggering a fish's natural response to attack and hold on. They are also garlic impregnated to mask fish-spooking odors. Per 10. Size: 3-1/2". Colors: (027)Watermelonseed, (038)Pumpkinseed, (043)Black/Chartreuse Claw, (045)Junebug/Chartreuse Claw, (047)Pumpkinseed/Chartreuse Claw, (048)Watermelonseed/Chartreuse Claw, (052)Black/Blue Claw, (053)Pumpkinseed/Fire Claw.

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