Aggression Frog

Soft Bait Frog Baits

No fish will be able to defy the attractiveness of the exceedingly realistic Trigger X Aggression Frog. These soft baits will mislead even the smartest fish!

It scissor-kicking action and balanced, elongated body with short legs give it irresistible strike-appeal. These Bio-salt-infused soft baits are enhanced with a precise blend of Ultrabite Aggression Pheromones that mimic the natural predator vs. prey response. Ridge structure increases surface area for maximum pheromone distribution. 6 pack. Size: 4". Colors: (004)Pearl, (018)Green Pumpkin, (022)Watermelon Red Flake, (023)Bull Frog, (024)Fester Frog.

Prices from $4.99

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