IKE-CON 6-1/4" Pre-Rigged Worm

Soft Bait Worms

No fish will be able to dodge the temptation of the seriously live-looking IKE-CON 6-1/4" Pre-Rigged Worm. These soft baits will bring out even the most clever fish!

Hand-poured, premium-quality 6-1/4" pre-rigged worms made in the USA. Easy to use, they'll increase your catch. You can use them to slow-troll, flip, rig or for casting and retrieving. Per two. Colors: (026)Bruised Banana, (056)Crawfish, (126)Grape/Firetail, (206)Black, (306)Black/Twist, (520)Sweet Potato.

Prices from $4.99