4" Shad-Shaped Worm

Soft Bait Worms

No fish can possibly dodge the temptation of the exceedingly live bait-imitating Yamamoto 4" Shad-Shaped Worm. These soft baits will put one over on even the smartest fish!

Is it a worm, or is it a shad? The answer is both. This new bait combines the elements of a ribbed Senko and a tiny shad-like bait. Rig it various ways to put fish in the boat. Per 10. Size: 4" Colors: (031)Blue Pearl/Silver Flake, (042)Watermelon, (150)Smoke/Black Flake, (176)Cinnamon/Black Flake, (208)Watermelon/Black/Red, (297)Green Pumpkin/Black Flake, (305)Baby Bass, (306)Natural Shad, (323)Watermelon/Black/Gold, (331)Coke.

Prices from $4.49

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