President Spinning Reels

Spinning Reels

It sucks to let an inferior reel mess up your trip. pull them in over and over with no hang-ups using the excellent President Spinning Reel Spinning Reels reel by Pflueger.

From the first cast and retrieve of the day to the last, you'll always be impressed with the new President Spinning Reel. It gives you the ultra-smooth performance of a 10-bearing drive, nine ball bearings plus one roller bearing without the high price tag of comparable reels (model 6720X has seven ball bearings plus one roller bearing). The sturdy aluminum spool has a strong titanium lip (on select models), and the machined aluminum handle. The instant anti-reverse, one-way clutch bearing ensures you'll have solid hooksets every time. The reel also comes with a spare aluminum spool. Model 6720 has a soft LP style knob. Models 6725 thru 6740 have Rosewood barrel knobs. Models 6750 and 6760 have large soft touch handle knobs.

Prices from $59.99 to $64.99