Symetre Spinning Reel

Spinning Reels

Don't ever allow an ordinary reel ruin your trip. enjoy fishing all day with no problems using the high-performance Symetre Spinning Reel Spinning Reels reel by Shimano.

If you want more bite for your buck, take a look at the Symetre. Its long list of features makes it the popular choice for those who want a high-grade spinning reel without the high price. It has four A-RB anti-rust ball bearings for smooth retrieves, along with a Super Stopper II anti-reverse roller bearing to eliminate backplay. The Fluidrive II polished oversized drive gear increases the efficiency of your retrieves. DynaBalance in the rotor eliminates wobble during retrieves, and slow oscillation creates perfect line lay for superior casting distance and maximum contact with your bait or lure during the retrieve. Propulsion spool lip provides longer casting distances while preventing backlashes. S-Rotor ensures a comfortable retrieve. S-Guard prevents impact damage to the frame and rotor. S-Arm Cam and redesigned one-piece bail keeps slack line in contact with the line roller to reduce the chance of tangles and line cuts. Power Roller III is an oversized line roller that reduces twist from casting and retrieving. Maintenance port allows easy access to internal gears. Floating shaft reduces friction between the pinion gear and spool shaft for smoothness and durability. Cold-forged aluminum spool, aluminum frame, lightweight graphite sideplate and rotor, machined-aluminum handle and rubber handle grips.

Prices from $99.99