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Trolling Reels

No need to allow an ordinary reel mess up your adventure. enjoy fishing continuously with no glitches using the top-rated Tekota Reel Trolling Reels reel by Shimano.

Built to take the brutal conditions of long-line trolling in heavy chop, the Tekota series helps you make the most of every moment on the water. Whether using downriggers, divers, planer boards or lead-core line, these reels from Shimano will meet the needs and demands of any serious troller. Designed to handle medium to large game fish such as walleye, muskie, salmon, lakers, dorado and small tuna, they are packed with all the features it takes to make a high-quality, highly functional reel. A one-piece die-cast aluminum frame provides tight tolerances, durability and is built to last season after season. Smooth star drag system is easy to adjust for the exact amount of resistance you want the fish to work against. Counter balanced handle shank reduces reel wobble during the retrieve. Oversized clicker button is easily found during the heat of battle and makes for quick setting. Specially treated A-RB bearings are at least 10 times more corrosion-resistant than standard stainless steel bearings (three ball bearings and one roller bearing). These bearings promote smooth, even line flow. Crossbar-forward construction for easy access to the spool, and true levelwind for even line lay. Super Stopper anti-reverse with no backplay for instantaneous hooksets. Non disengaging levelwind system reduces sharp line angles for decreased friction and wear on the line. Ergonomic Septon handle grip is easy to find, hold and crank even when your hands are cold and stiff. Linecounter versions are equipped with a palmable linecounter with maintenance port. These reels accurately read how much line has been deployed up to 999 feet.

Prices from $179.99 to $199.99

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